Wiz Khalifa Fans Flock for Khalifa Kush!

Wiz Khalifa at Cookies

Singer/rapper Wiz Khalifa appeared at a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles County to promote “Khalifa Kush” – the rapper’s unique brand of weed. Several hundred Khalifa and weed enthusiasts attended the event, held at Cookies in Maywood, California. The release event went smoothly with fans lining up around the corner for the Khalifa endorsed pot, free ice cream, and autographed Khalifa Kush posters.

Wiz was joined by fellow rapper Kevin “Chevy” Woods, who smoked some weed outside the venue. Chevy joked that he was “already used to” the Khalifa Kush. He laughed and then quickly added, “this is some of the best weed.”

Chevy was happy that his buddy Khalifa had found some cannabis that he could endorse and turn into something special. He stated that finding a good brand of cannabis involved (not very surprisingly) “smoking a lot of it.” He added that it takes some time to find good marijuana to distribute. The key is to trust friends who know good strains so you’re not just smoking “some random shit.”  

When asked about the upcoming Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J collaboration album, Chevy confirmed that he would also be on the new record. The new album is scheduled for release in February. This month, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J released a new video for the single “Backstreet.” Juicy J’s older brother, Project Pat, can also be heard rapping on the new single. Fans are packing Khalifa Kush into their Wiz-approved Stündenglass gravity bongs and bumping the single Backseat while excitedly awaiting the new album drop!

Story, Photos and Video by Mark Schaefer


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