OUSE Token Poised to have Explosive Growth in 2022!


Will 2022 be the year of OUSE Token? It seems like a promising bet considering the rapid pace at which the OUSE team is moving. OUSE Token is already trading on PancakeSwap and Coinsbit with more exchange listings on the horizon. Coinpaprika has begun research on the OUSE Token and a Web3 marketplace showcasing OUSE Token’s real estate NFTs is slated to roll out by the end of January 2022. 

With NFTs trading over 40 billion in 2021, it seems as if everyone and their mother is on the blockchain these days. Even if VentureBeat thinks Augmented Reality and not VR “will be the heart of the metaverse” the OUSE team has all the angles covered. Phase two of OUSE Token’s journey from “meme token” to “utility token” will include an AR mobile app based on the Los Angeles plot map. Real Estate NFT enthusiasts will be able to view OUSE Token NFTs as they walk their favorite neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood and Malibu.

Today, no VR headset is needed to join the OUSE revolution. But, by the end of 2022 plans are in place to allow OUSEland citizens to jump into virtual reality and enjoy a full 3d experience via headset. It is perfect timing for the OUSE Token team as John Wu of Ava Labs predicts that the crypto-asset market could reach 5 trillion in 2022.

The Economist reports that “Virtual-property prices are going through the roof” but don’t have FOMO. Decentraland is just one corner of the metaverse. You still have time to be on the ground floor of OUSE Token’s virtual NFT economy. For now, put on your party shirt and go celebrate NYE with friends and family. When you awake in 2022 follow this helpful guide to learn out to buy OUSE Token and join the revolution. 

Happy New Year’s Eve from the team at TLP. Expect more stories on Crypto, Gaming, Sports, and Celebrity in the new year!


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