Breaking News: Addison Rae’s Dad Monty Lopez Launches ‘BAM Social’ TikTok Agency


Superstar influencer Monty Lopez and VEGO Picture’s Ben Ganz are launching A-list TikTok Agency BAM Social. Ben and Monty have built BAM Social to help brands execute TikTok content production, influencer outreach, 360° social strategies, and strategic partnerships. BAM Social will merge with award-winning VEGO Pictures to create a content super house. Ganz’s vast experience in network television and digital innovation coupled with Lopez’s overarching strategy in brand creation equals BAM Social, a one-stop, turnkey, TikTok agency.

Ben Ganz was an integral part of the team that built the digital strategy for American Idol and FOX’s unscripted shows in lockstep with the birth of modern social media. Ganz’s approach would shape FOX’s second-screen strategy for the next decade. When American Idol took a bow, Ganz started VEGO Pictures. The new enterprise was behind the social media for American Idol’s re-launch, which garnered a whopping 2 billion impressions. Ben’s other achievements include creating Hollywood 2.0 – The Vego Show, one of Apple’s Top 20 business podcasts. In addition, VEGO Pictures served as an in-house production team for Kevin Hart’s LOL Network.

Kris Jenner is to The Kardashians on Instagram as Monty Lopez is to The Rae Family on TikTok. Monty has a stellar track record providing the business strategy and team building for Addison Rae and The Rae Family brands. He is an expert at ushering talent to global stardom and creating teams that can transition through multiple platforms. Furthermore, Lopez grew his personal TikTok account to 5.5 million followers while managing his daughter’s meteoric rise to stardom. Look for Monty Lopez and his family in the Snapchat Original series Addison Rae Goes Home.

The unexpected rise of TikTok left companies scrambling to find a voice on the platform due to a lack of cohesive content strategy. BAM Social provides a complete TikTok management solution while delivering organic content that maximizes traffic and user engagement. Consequently, BAM Social is a perfect product fit for brands lacking TikTok relatability. In addition, BAM Social provides cutting-edge digital strategies for the newest social media and Web3 platforms while facilitating diversity initiatives and empowering minorities. Brands that need content production, influencer outreach, and digital strategy should look to BAM Social, a unique marketing agency building a new global media entity.

Here’s a video from the last time we caught up with Addison Rae and The Rae Family…


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