“Bricktopian’s Host Agents of LA’s Christmas Charity Event Announcing OUSE Token’s Launch on Award-Winning Crypto Exchange Coinsbit.io with Celebrity Guest Soulja Boy”


I Discover Stars’ Enrico Taylor is hosting Agents of LA and celebrity real estate agents Tai Savet, Dylan Eckardt, and Michele Sullivan in announcing the release of luxury real estate-focused meme token, “OUSE Token”, on the award-winning crypto exchange, Coinsbit.io. The party will be held at the Bricktopia House on December,15th 2021 guests must RSVP and security and valet are provided. The OUSE Token will be officially available on Coinsbit.io on December 27th after a thorough review of its blockchain technology. 

DJ Carisma will be performing at the event. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s candidate Matt Rodriguez will speak. Proceeds to benefit the T-Boz (TLC) affiliated Sickle Cell Disease Foundation. Sponsors include: Agents of LA, Grand Leyenda Organic Tequila, Richie Rich Farms, Velocita Motorsports, blk. water, Green Label, CIE Fashion Magazine, Bricktopians NFT, Exotik Tacos, The Sickle Cell Foundation Support Group, Inc., Alpha Magazines, I Discover Stars Entertainment, Bang Energy, Dr. Melina, Revolt Creative, Exotic Pop, Black Cannabis, Angel City Cakes, Monster Energy, El Septimo Cigars.

OUSE Token’s mission is to design a fictional real-estate NFT metaverse marketplace based on the Los Angeles plot map. OUSE citizens will get the opportunity to buy real estate NFTs located in exclusive neighborhoods in the metaverse. You could even have a virtual celebrity neighbor! 

OUSE Token is the creation of Tai Savet, Celebrity Real Estate Producer of VH1’s Love & Listings and owner of Agents of LA. Tai says, “‘I’ve merged entertainment and Real Estate and now the crypto market, like Soulja (Boy) says, ‘i’m the first, quote me!” 

OUSE Token will be used to buy and sell real estate NFTs on the yet-to-be-released OUSE Platform. OUSE has a process similar to a multiple listing service, still in the design phase, with an eye on expanding into the metaverse in 2022. Ouse Inc. is the first real estate brokerage licensed by the State of California Department of Real Estate (DRE) to also enter into the metaverse space. OUSE is awaiting federal trademark approval for the name and logo. OUSE Token is intended for the purchase of digital NFTs only, physical property is not included. 

If you’re interested in getting in on the OUSE Token revolution information is provided at www.ousetoken.com


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