Former Body Guard Claims Mike Tyson KO’ed Sparring Partners In Order to Watch Tom & Jerry!


We all know that cartoons and cannabis go together. But, former boxing heavyweight Mike Tyson was a fan of animation long before founding his marijuana company Tyson Ranch.

In a new book, Tyson’s former chauffeur/bodyguard Rudy Gonzales claims that during training Mike would make fast work of his sparring partners to get home in time for the broadcast of Tom & Jerry. 

In an interview with The U.S. Sun Gonzales says he once asked Tyson why he wasn’t working on his techniques. According to The Sun, “He replied: ‘If I keep it going we will miss Tom and Jerry cartoons.’” 

At this point, we have to wonder if Mike Tyson had a VHS recorder. But, perhaps he is such a fan of cartoons that he wanted to catch them on TV live. TLP will investigate. One thing is for sure, Tyson’s love of cartoons went far beyond his living room television set. 

According to, “Tyson has never been shy about his love of cartoons, even going as far as to help create and star in his own animated series.” Mike Tyson Mysteries” was a fixture for four season on Adult Swim, and can still be streamed today.

TLP has dispatched our paparazzi partners to find the legendary knockout artist and ask him how he feels about Rudy Gonzales’s claims. Some other revelations in the book include Tyson’s habit of having sex with groupies prior to fighting in order to diminish his power. You have to love a guy who would go to such lengths as to not kill his opponents in the ring. 

Until we can find Mike on the streets of Hollywood please enjoy this video of Tyson talking about biting Evander Holyfield’s ear.

Video credit: the limelight post


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