Is Keanu Reeves the GOAT Action Star? The Matrix Resurrections Reboot Preps Humanity for Life in the Metaverse


It’s Christmas Eve, and many of us finished the night in front of the TV watching HBO Max’s reboot of the Matrix franchise. Perhaps The Matrix Resurrections is the perfect film to wake us up to the pending reality of life in the metaverse.

Humanity living in the metaverse could be just around the corner. Covid-19 is forcing people to interact less in the physical world and fueling the push toward the metaverse. It seems that we are headed toward a virtual existence. All this despite Elon Musk’s skepticism voiced in a podcast with the Babylon Bee where he questions the viability of VR Headsets. 

Even if Keanu Reeves grapples with his understanding of NFTs, calling them a joke in a recent interview with The Verge. He still may be the perfect person to help us realize that we are all moving toward a new reality. And, joke or not, according to Forbes, the “NFT Market Generated Over $23 Billion In Trading Volume In 2021”.

Some people believe that social media algorithms are, in fact, a form of the Matrix because they understand human nature and manipulate our actions. Did you choose to read this article, or did the algorithm send you here? It’s the age-old question of free will vs. determinism. The Analyst in The Matrix Resurrections represents the algorithms we contend with daily on social media. 

According to MSN, “…The Analyst created a new version of the Matrix, one which preyed on the emotions of the humans connected to it to ensnare them in a state of dependency. Though not explicitly stated, it’s strongly implied that social media platforms exist in this incarnation of the Matrix and serve a vital role in keeping the human population sedated and reluctant to leave the Matrix.” Sound Familiar?

Regarding Keanu being the GOAT action star, in a Hollywood Reporter interview, costar Jonathan Groff says, “All of the rumors are true about Keanu’s level of work ethic. He was there training and getting ready before all of us got there.”

Later in the THR interview, Groff gushing about Reeves, “It was so exciting to be doing such extraordinary fight choreography with the greatest action star of our time and someone that’s so devoted to their craft.” Groff is known for his roles on Broadway and Netflix’s Mindhunter.

Neil deGrasse Tyson believed that we lived in a simulation until he heard an argument that he explains on Star Talk. Are we the first or the last in the chain of simulations? I’m not sure, and it all sounds like Plato’s shadows on the cave wall


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