Kanye West Ex-Manager John Monopoly Takes on Cannabis and Social Equity

John Monopoly

Music industry legend and former Kanye West manager John Monopoly is teaming up with M-1 of Dead Prez and filmmaker Umi to run Urban Aroma, a social equity focused cannabis brand operating in New York and Washington DC. Some of Monopoly’s past accomplishments include working with artists like Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes and developing brands like Pheed, Zumani, and Guff.

Monopoly will function as Urban Aroma’s CEO providing vision for the brand’s delivery service and dispensaries and guiding its fair access and social equity initiatives. In addition, Urban Aroma will support communities that have suffered under unfair cannabis laws in the past. According to the press release, “One of Monopoly’s first priorities as CEO is to organize a series of fundraising events in New York throughout the summer. Funds raised will benefit various cannabis and social equity-related philanthropic organizations.”

Urban Aroma and Monopoly want consumers to know that they won’t forget the cannabis industry’s underground roots. Instead, they promise to provide an ongoing resource for people negatively affected by the draconian cannabis laws of the past. Furthermore, Monopoly pledges to create a company culture advocating positive change to the cannabis industry’s policies and ownership representation in order to benefit previously marginalized communities.

So if you’re an east coaster who needs some chronic weed to help with your ailments, or you just want to relax and blaze while bumping some hip-hop this weekend… grab some Urban Aroma and get high with the knowledge that you’re money is doing more than just getting another corporation rich. May the people’s weed prevail… Urban Aroma!


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