Miami is the Future of Business and the Metaverse in 2022


From AOC being spotting in a Miami Drag Bar, to Kanye West’s NYE party, to MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright buying retired Miami Heat star Chris Bosh’s $38 million mansion, Miami is quickly shaping up to be the most promising U.S. city of 2022. 

New Yorkers have always looked toward south Florida to escape the harsh winters of the north. And, the covid induced exodus from New York doesn’t seem to be slowing. Consequently, the influx of new residents is accelerating an already booming real estate market

Miami is attracting a vibrant community, most notably in crypto, but also in business and finance. Despite opposing politics, the liberal crowd is finding the red state economic agenda and nonexistent state income tax irresistible. 

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is all in on crypto, even talking his paycheck in Bitcoin, and the city of Miami was dubbed “crypto capital” with the launch of Miamicoin

It’s a town where people can get business done, face to face and often maskless. It seems the world keeps turning in Miami while the rest of the globe suffers shutdowns and slowdowns due to Omicron. 

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber is representing left-leaning newcomers by standing up against the often divisive Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and giving liberal New Yorkers a voice in Florida politics. 

TLP has been on the ground talking to the technologist, financiers, and entrepreneurs in Miami who are ushering in the metaverse era. Enthusiasts and investors should keep an eye on the areas of NFTs, DeFi, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality in the Metaverse. 

Miami’s head start in crypto, its favorable business climate, and the warm weather have already attracted many business leaders from New York. But, TLP wonders how long until residents of Los Angeles pack up their bags and head to South Florida in order to take advantage of the momentum and opportunities that Miami has to offer.


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