Monty Lopez to Soulja Boy “I’m The First to Burn a House in the Metaverse!”

MontY Lopez / Soulja Boy Composit
Monty Lopez Soulja Boy Ouse Burn

The Blast reports that Monty Lopez, father of Addison Rae, mints the first Ouse Token NFT mansion and immediately burns it. Unfortunately, the house got lost forever when Monty tried to transfer the newly minted NFT to a secondary wallet for storage and accidentally burned it. The issue occurred because Monty chose a receiving wallet address on the Ethereum Mainnet, but the NFT was minted on the Binance Smart Chain.

They say a great man never stays down. So, in an attempt to save face Monty called out Soulja Boy saying, “tell Soulja I’m the first to burn a house in the metaverse!” We reached out to Soulja Boy for a comment but haven’t heard back yet. We can only hope that Monty’s show of bravado in the face of adversity doesn’t start beef between the two celebrities. Listen to Monty explain how he burnt down the Rae Family house in the metaverse in the video below!

Monty’s Ouse Token NFT was a one-of-a-kind piece of virtual real estate minted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and one of the first Ouse Token (OUSE) homes in the collection of 25. Monty Lopez’s interest in Ouse is relevant considering a Forbes interview conducted last summer that revealed his involvement with renewable energy-focused bitcoin miner, Gryphon Digital Mining.

The NFTs are for sale on Ouse Token’s proprietary marketplace, Ouse has been executing on its roadmap by minting a fungible token last year and following up with today’s NFT minting. After the NFTs are minted, the next phase on the Ouse Token roadmap is to launch the mobile AR app. Additionally, Ouse Token’s Exclusive Edition 3D NFTs can travel from marketplace to AR mobile app to eventual VR metaverse platform. The Ouse Token metaverse platform is under development and based on 3D renderings anchored to the Los Angeles plot map.

OUSE Token is the vision of celebrity Realtor and television producer Tai Savet, creator of VH1’s Love & Listings and owner of Agents of LA real estate brokerage. OUSE Token has created a celebrity-driven NFT marketplace based on virtual real estate in the metaverse. The momentum behind the Ouse Token project and the powerful force of Monty Lopez make Ouse Token NFTs an attractive virtual real estate option. In the future, Ouse Token plans to bridge the gap between virtual and physical real estate utilizing NFT blockchain technology.


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