PRJCT Melrose Hosts Bricktopians & Law Degree at 1st Event of NFTLA


The PRJCT Melrose space is open for business after kicking off NFTLA with a Bricktopian’s party for Brain Boot. It was a handshake between the virtual and physical worlds where shoppers got a pair of shoes to wear IRL, and in the metaverse, with every NFT purchase. Ouse Token founder, Tai Savet, organized the party, so plenty of Ouse Token merch was handed out. In addition, Chef Jorge, who caters many celebrity events, including parties by Guy Fieri, Shaquille O’Neal, and Paris Hilton, provided a fine array of finger foods for hungry guests. 

In attendance was Victoria Fuller, Playboy Miss January 1996, and creator of the Gatefolds Rogue Playmate collection, dropping at the April 2022. The Rogue Playmate project is getting a lot of media attention including a story by TMZ. Also at the party was Addison Rae’s influencer father, Monty Lopez, fresh off a week in Vegas with Gary Vee and friends. Other attendees include social media influencers Chris Mangos, Mitchel Eason, Spencer X, Taylor Ranftle, and Tommy Thanh Bui.

PRJCT Melrose is poised to become the premiere NFT digital collectibles space for fashion drops in Los Angeles. The 20 ft. LED-wall and prime Melrose location allow sneakerheads, fashionistas, and NFT projects to host minting parties and showcase their physical wares in a convenient and trendy Hollywood location. Owned by PRJCT Oracle, PRJCT Melrose is the first immersive experiential gallery to merge the blockchain with IRL. Keep an eye on this venue in the coming months if you are looking to attend exclusive events showcasing art, fashion, music, Web3 and wellness. 


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