TLP’s Travon Smith Interviews SC Trojan Wide Receiver Gary Bryant Jr.


Gary Bryant Jr. is the 5 foot 11 inch 180 lbs. Trojan football sophomore wide receiver from Riverside, CA, who is “elusive with the ball in his hand” and “figures to play a key role at wide receiver.” TLP’s sports correspondent Travon Smith caught up with Gary to see what the 2022 season has in store and talk about SC football. Below is the transcript of their conversation.

Travon – “Hey Gary, as a close follower of USC football, I’ve seen your growth & involvement. What are some things you can take away from your two years already that you can use going into the new season as a high priority target for USC?”

Gary Bryant Jr. – “Just the experiences I’ve had, the players I got to learn from, learning how to eat, sleep, and workout to become a better athlete. I had a ball and enjoyed every minute at SC.”

Travon – “What has the USC Program meant to you?”

Gary Bryant Jr. – “This program means a lot carrying the tradition of the guys that came before me is something I take pride in.”

TRAVON – “I know there were a lot of changes throughout the season last year. What did you do to stay focused through the season?”

Gary Bryant Jr.- “Just knowing everything happens for a reason, but it doesn’t define us. Having a mindset is what got me through the season, understanding the end goal of what I’m trying to accomplish.”

TRAVON – “New Coaches, new staff, seems like SC moving towards their bigger platforms again, are you excited?”

Gary Bryant Jr. – “Very excited, I mean extremely excited for the opportunities!”

Travon – “Has Coach Riley shared with you some things about next season that involve you, and can you share?”

Gary Bryant Jr. – “Just stepping up into a leadership role and lead the team, do what I’ve been doing and keep working hard.”

Travon – “Any goals for next year & what are they?”

Gary Bryant Jr. – “Leading the team every day to reach our highest potential. My personal goal is to be the best receiver in college football.”

Travon – “Tell us something about Gary Bryant Jr, few know… give an inside scoop to our viewers & subscribers.”

Gary Bryant Jr. – “I have a clothing brand ‘Manifest Destiny,’ it’s to inspire youth and people to make their dreams become a reality.”

Travon – “GB JR, it’s always a pleasure, and stay healthy, I see you!”

Gary Bryant Jr. – “Likewise and shout to Limelight Post, appreciate you guys.”


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