Torrei Hart Performs Her New Single “Lit” Produced by Roccstar to be featured in “Super Turnt” out this Month!


Torrie Hart isn’t known for her music but that’s about to change because she performed her new song “Lit” for the first time at the OUSE Token launch party in Encino, CA on December 15th, 2021. 

The actress teamed up with Roccstar who has also produced for Chris Brown, Post Malone, Usher, etc. TLP heard the new single “Lit” and we believe that this song is bound to be a hit. 

Torrei’s IMDB page is extensive and includes a number of upcoming acting projects like Big & Beautiful, Lola 2, A Screenshot to Santa and the soon-to-be-released Super Turnt. She is also a writer and a television personality. 

Torrei’s boundless energy allows her to take on many projects and she has become a successful entrepreneur. According to, “she has launched a number of business ventures – Skimpy Mixtures, Heavenly by Nzuri, and Skinny Bish Keto.” Her business acumen and track record for success gave her a shot to work with Roccstar who is widely considered one of the best producers in music. 

TLP’s paparazzi partners caught up with Torrei outside of the OUSE Token event. When asked why she was at the party Torrei explained that she was there to support her friend Tai Savet in his foray into the metaverse. Savet is a successful Los Angeles area businessman and owner of Agent of LA. His new project OUSE Token is a real estate focused meme token with plans to expand into NFTs and the metaverse in 2022.

TLP followed up with Torrei and asked her what it was like to work with Roccstar. Torrei says, “He pushed me and made me see how good I am. We had a few arguments but we are like brother and sister so it was like having an argument with a sibling. In the end it paid off… we got a hit!”
Look for Torrei Hart’s new single “Lit” on streaming services soon. And, don’t forget to catch her in the upcoming film “Super Turnt” out this month. If you are interested in learning more about OUSE Token go to for information.


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