Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul II Rigged? Did the OUSE Token Team Know Ahead of the Fight?


Ouse Token backed Tyron Woodley ahead of his second bout against Jake Paul on Showtime PPV on December 18, 2021, in Tampa, FL. The world was shocked when Paul dropped Woodley. But did Paul telegraph the punch so that Woodley knew to flop? According to Bloody Elbow, some fight fans think so.

TLP caught up with OUSE Token CEO Tai Savet to ask him if he knew the contest between Paul and Woodley was rigged. Tai says, “I sponsored Tyron because he aligned with our brand values. The fact that the OUSE Token logo was on the back of his trunks was merely a coincidence. How on earth could I have predicted the results in advance? I’m a crypto entrepreneur and real estate tycoon, not a physic.”

Despite Woodley’s loss, OUSE Token gave one billion tokens to the Jhen√© Aiko LAPD associated “1st Annual PRJCT TOKEN Toy Drive”. OUSE Token believes in sharing and will support more charities in the future.

Tai Savet Delivering Toys for 1st Annual PRJCT TOKEN Toy Drive

OUSE Token sponsored Woodley to bring attention to the benefits that homeownership brings, like increased stability and generational wealth. Furthermore, OUSE Token believes that communities of color should have an equal stake in not only real estate in the metaverse but also homeownership in the physical world. 

Tai Savet has a track record of highlighting the need for diversity in homeownership. Tai’s brick-and-mortar real estate agency, Agents of LA, has a staff of notable minority agents like Tenisha Smith, the descendant of legendary Civil Rights leader William Byron Rumford. 

According to TheBlast.com, “One of Rumford’s most important achievements was the passage of the California Fair Employment Practices Act, which outlawed employment discrimination. Plus, the ‘Rumford Act’ banned racial discrimination in the selling or renting of real estate.” 

TLP will continue to get to the bottom of the Paul vs. Woodley 2 controversy. If you have any information that you’d like to contribute to this story, please contact our tip line.


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