Video: Sir Mix-a-Lot, Quavo Perform Opening Night at NFTLA


NFTLA opening ceremonies had a star-packed lineup with Sir Mix-a-Lot, Quavo and Waka Flocka Flame performing. First, Sir Mix-a-Lot did a round-up of the classics ending in the hit song Baby Got Back. Mix-a-Lot also pitched his NFT with Meta-X Studios, Bit Butts, which benefits the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. Next, the hall got energized when Quavo stepped on stage to perform his material for the packed crowd. Finally, Waka Flocka Flame took attendees to the moon with an outstanding performance to close out the night. Everyone in the house was impressed with the talent and looking forward to week ahead.

Tuesday Morning highlights included Mark Cuban and CEO of Fireside Falon Fatemi. Then, Warner Bros. Josh Hackbrath talked about how to bring blockbusters franchises into the NFT ecosystem. Fans are going crazy because DC and Warner Bros. announced the Bat Cowl Collection, dropping in late April.

Yat Siu was the keynote speaker and talked about creativity flourishing in the metaverse. In addition, Authentify Art hosted a VIP cocktail party with an opera performance in a dome created by Wisdome.LA, who also hosted the Beyond the Wall 360 immersive exploration of the music of Pink Floyd featuring Scott Page at the Wisdome Art Park.

Steve Aoki is Wednesday’s keynote and will speak about building community in a Web3 world, hosted by Neil Strauss. NFTLA is March 28-31 at the Los Angeles Convention center. Content will be streaming from March 29-31, with VOD playback available through April 30.


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